Have you ever heard of floating? Neither had I. So when I saw that Forever Floating Health Spa had popped up on Oxford St, I was instantly intrigued. A full sensory depravation experience while enjoying complete weightlessness that guaranteed to open my mind and unlock my creativity sounded too good to miss.

I’m definitely not one to dabble in any mind altering experiences. Let’s just say that the only ‘trip’ I’ve ever taken is stumbling out of an Uber on Saturday night after one too many wines. However about 45 minutes into my float, I’m pretty sure I experienced something similar on a transcendental or hallucinogenic level.

Not wanting to scare you, let’s rewind a few steps and look at why the hell would I lock myself in a tank devoid of any light or sound for 75 minutes.

How does letting go of all your stresses and worries, priorities and deadlines and slipping in to a complete state of mindlessness sound? Blissful and relaxing, or scary and overwhelming? If your first thought is the latter, then I implore you to clear your schedule to give your mind, soul and body the biggest reboot you will ever experience.

Floating is no longer reserved purely for hippies. It is fast infiltrating the mainstream health and wellness scene for its ability to help with stress, poor sleep, weight loss, creativity and give you the most luxurious treatment for your skin and hair. You will experience complete weightlessness and sensory deprivation (trust me, it’s so much better than it sounds!) while floating in Epsom salt-infused water (that is five times more concentrated than the Dead Sea) tempered to a warm 34.5 degrees, the same temperature as your skin.

The result? The deepest, most relaxing sensation, where your body melts away and all that is left is a sense of pure calm. My verdict? Just try it!

Forever Floating Health Spa
50 Oxford St, Paddington
(02) 7901 1210