Have you ever heard of SoulCycle, the spin phenomenon that is literally taking the States by storm? Well just as SoulCycle transformed women’s love-hate relationships with the spin bike, CREW is giving the ergo (you know, that intimidating machine that sits in the corner of the gym, mostly untouched?) a serious image makeover with their high-intensity all-over body workouts, guaranteed to whip you into shape in no time.

Whether you rowed in the First 8 or are a complete beginner, CREW have a class for all fitness levels. You’re a complete beginner? Get your basics right with CREW101, which focuses on establishing rowing technique and finishes off with dynamic all-body conditioning training. When you’re ready to step it up, opt for one of the high-intensity HIIT classes that can burn up to 500 calories in 45 minutes.

CREW have partnered with WaterRower, beautifully hand crafted timber stationary rower machines that have a unique water flywheel that is designed to sound and feel like you are rowing on the water. So with each stroke (that uses 86% of the muscles in your body) you can visualise yourself gliding along the water, rather than listening to the overpowering fan of the traditional ergo machine. The energy is fast paced (think dimmed lights, fans on full and Drake pumping in the background) and the usual gym egos are left at the door. This is high-intensity group training that is the perfect mix of competitive fun and targeted all-body workouts.

Suite 1, Ground Floor 15-17 Young Street
Sydney 2000